Clever Greatel!

Schau mir in die Augen, Kleines!


Die famose Wiederaufführung der 1999 konzipierten Performance Clever Gretel von Stefanie Seibold, nur für kurze Zeit!

Clever Gretel says, „We believe in a collective genius, not in an isolated one. We sample from reality. Old School plus New School, not versus. Self-organising systems. Caught in the loop. Auto-create and auto-destroy. Composition has long been decomposed by technology. We believe in progress, not standstill. We make work of it. … We are not one, we are many.“

Re-staged and re-performed by Charlotte Gash, Mette Riise Kristensen, Gašper Kunšič, and Nora Kurzweil im Belvedere 21, Wien.

Thus life is replenished, full.

Triple Trieste: 2018-2019!

img_20181231_131010Markthalle, E: Camillo Iona, 1936

img_20181231_224043 Scala Santa, Sanctissima!

img_20190101_163720Synagoge, E: Ruggero und Arduino Berlam, 1908-1912

„Life is beautiful! We do not have – do we? – any intention or claim to fix the destiny of the eternal things of the future? Everything, at every hour, is only the work of the present moment.“

Le Corbusier, When the Cathedrals Were White, 1937

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